Data Management

Optima Analytics helps industries in a mission - driven data management, data analytics and improvement in in company performance and reputation of all sizes that perform data driven activities. The company was formed by a group of technology and industry veterans with vast experience in data warehousing, data management and analytics. The company provides real time, innovative solutions to address proprietary needs in finance and healthcare sectors. Our relations with clients is a long term partnership allowing us to provide the best informed and right purposeful solutions.

Analytics solutions

Optima offers analytical solutions with value propositions in terms of domain expertise, technology expertise, Delivery expertise and above all long term committment. Our Center of Excellence approach ensures that we remain updated with latest tools and technology and use them in our practice with best models. Our team combines finance and healthcare industry knowledge, analytical skills, technology expertise and delivery management skills. We use our exterise to develop unique solutions for the client with utmost confidentiality and integrity.

Digital services

Digital services spans across various network of digital touchpoints that customers interact many times in a day. We believe in balancing investment of time and money against the ROI to build proper digital strategy. We provide range of services - Web design, Mobile apps, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation, Email Marketing. The dedicated team for digital services helps customers business to grow globally.

Educational services

Education plays a crucial role in fostering economic growth and development. Financial education has grown significantly in recent years as individuals and corporates seek to acquire latest knowledge in finance industries. Additionally, knowledge of money management helps to gain confidence and avoids getting into any investment / debt trap. Managing money means being able to allocate money to savings, emergencies, and paying off debt. We are committed to helping you understand different financial markets, investments and trading strategies and various plan options because we know this is integral in creating trusting and long-lasting relationships. Financial education is also just one of many ways we fulfill our responsibility to you.

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