Development Services

Optima makes use of innovative delivery model along with proven quality process to deliver cost - effective customised solutions. The experienced team, rich knowledge, right atttude coupled with use of best practices and tools meets our client's specific and unique set of requirements on time. With our ability to provide the most flexible solutions in the market, blended with innovative concepts and technology, we derive real value propositions to clients achieving increase efficiency and lowering cost. Our software development services address the need of various industry verticals such as financial services, Healthcare, insurance, government and logistics.

Optima helps to develop mobile applications that provide companies to have a private / public communication channel to manage business operations while members are mobile. The dashboards provides real time performance data analytics which helps to make crucial and informed decisions rapidly.

IT Infrastructure Services

At Optima we assure you delivery of quality services in wide range of solutions : Data Management, Enterprise System Management, IT Service Management, and Transformation / Upgradation Management.

Our comprehensive offerings are based on the ‘assess, build, manage, and transform’ framework backed by our partner eco-system and analytics-led approach, we determine the ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ state, which allows seamless shift from traditional infrastructure to new generation infrastructure. It benefits from emerging services such as desktop virtualization, datacenter consolidation, green datacenter, environment-on-demand, utilization of remote infrastructure management, and global delivery models.

Data warehouse services

With more digital activities, data warehousing has becoming a most important task for the companies now a days. Well designed and appropriate data modelling makes analysis of various data quite seamless. Optima provides data modelling and data management services with a variety of leading tools, platforms and analytical features in various database servers. Optima hels companies to design data warehouse with efficient data flows and relationships. The datamarts with properly cleansing and data types support data mines for statistical and analytical activities. Scheduled back ups and BCP ensures security of data and manage IT risks for the companies.

Business Intelligence

Companies need to read between the lines amid mammoth web of data to have insights for regular analysis and make different decisions accordingly. There is often a need to bring data from external sources and make proper interlligence reports along with internal data to the senior management. Optima helps in the process to build business intelligence framework which supports designing interfaces for ETL layers, intergration with internal data in proper structure and visualisation of data to bring proper sensible outcomes for the interpretation and hence decision process.